Agriculture is the heart of the Illinois 17th District, the proud home to thousands of farms. Our farmers add huge value to our economy, and that’s why I’ll work for agricultural innovation and a strong agricultural workforce. We need to make it easy for the next generation of farmers to be trained and developed. Our farmers need federal support when appropriate, but not federal interference. With innovative thinking, our farmers can be leaders on both environmental and conservation issues. And, as our Congresswoman, I’ll be an outspoken advocate to protect our soybeans, corn, cattle and pork from being penalized in international trade wars.

As the most prosperous nation to ever exist, Americans deserve access to quality healthcare, and it’s up to our leadership to make care more accessible at a reasonable cost. As your Congresswoman, I’ll lead for market-based healthcare, giving customers more choice and keeping costs down. Patients and their doctors should be responsible for healthcare decisions, not insurance companies or Washington bureaucrats. I’ll lead for laws to encourage employers to offer health insurance plans with more flexibility for the consumer, and I’ll work for innovative solutions to help self-employed workers – including farmers – because as our “gig-economy” grows, healthcare access should not hold back bold business ideas that grow small- to mid-sized business and strengthen our communities.

Growing up on the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, I have a firsthand understanding of immigration. I’ve witnessed illegal border crossings with my own eyes, and I’ve watched my brother-in-law struggle with his student visa after marrying my sister. He was forced to get in line, pay a lot of money, and to wait for three years before he was able to return to this nation legally. Now he is a successful business owner who pays his taxes and contributes to society.

Because of my experience, I believe the immigration issue has to begin with securing our borders. America is a land of opportunity, giving so many immigrants a better life, and strengthening the fabric of who we are as a county. America is also a nation founded on laws and our laws need to be enforced to keep our country strong and united. As your Congresswoman, I’ll work to repair this broken system by enacting new immigration laws that protect us and provide a legal pathway to citizenship for those willing to comply with our laws. Children who were brought to America illegally at an early age need a legal pathway to becoming citizens and they need to be in line with those who have waited patiently to come to America legally.

As a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, I understand the importance of national defense and I’m committed to a strong military and to honoring the brave men and woman who serve this nation. It is vital for us to provide our military with the training and resources they need to handle the mounting security challenges and threats around the world.

I consider National Security to be the primary function of the federal government. The men and woman in uniform are the ones who protect our unique democratic society. America needs to lead the world in defense. We need leadership that will arm our military with the resources and training they need to defend our nation from potential domestic attacks on our water and energy, and to provide strong national defense from foreign threat.

As a business owner and entrepreneur I believe a strong, robust economy is vital to our prosperity. That is why I’m committed to fight for business and employment opportunities for every individual in our District. Each person in our nation deserves a job to provide for his or her well-being and have the dollars to create the life they want. Dollars are seeds we can plant to grow our lives, our families and our communities. Community health starts with individual prosperity for each one of us. We need the government to remove barriers so innovative ideas can flourish. Economic growth guarantees tomorrow will be better than today. The growth of our economy will keep food on our tables, a roof over our heads, and allow us to give back to others.

I’m unapologetically pro-life. I am also pro-woman’s rights, especially the rights of girl babies who are still in the womb. Science has shown and is continuing to present research that shows a fetus is a human being with completely unique DNA that can feel pain early in development. The Declaration of Independence declares individuals are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” including the right to life. As a woman, I believe it is important for us to protect the most vulnerable, including babies in the womb. I believe in supporting and expanding access to women’s healthcare for Federally Qualified Health Clinics and Rural Health Clinics (which do not provide abortion but provide other critical health services for women). I support making adoption easier for mothers to choose.

The American Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, and I’m committed to protecting the rights of responsible gun owners who use guns for hunting and protection. I also support efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and those who would commit acts of mass violence. We need a holistic approach to stopping violence by involving community leaders, law enforcement, gun manufacturers, and mental health professionals. We need to fully fund law enforcement so they have the tools they need to enforce the laws already on the books and to stop violence before it starts.

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